Mountain top and the fog ! Ponmudi top. #hairpins #ride #ponmudi #re A post shared by Sudev Ambadi (@sudev_ambadi) on Nov 8, 2014 at 7:14am PST The peak I'm coming to you peak. #RE #hillstation #ride A post shared by Sudev Ambadi (@sudev_ambadi) on Dec 7, 2014 at 1:05am PST Meemutty waterfals Meemutty waterfalls is on the way to Punmudi top. A nice short off road on the way and about a kilometer walk towards the waterfall.

Deep C, understand the language before you write code.

I came across a slide which explains why is it hard to program in C/C++ programming language when you don’t have a proper understanidng of the same. Here is slide which demonostrates why a proper understanding of language is neccessary before you code. Courtesy :: Deep C by Olve Maudal

A dictionary in your terminal

Owning to my poor vocabulary I had to look up for meanings every now and then, the following script gets you the meaning for any word from dictionary.com using bash. A bash script dictionary dict() { #Creating a temp folder dir=~/.dict #Check for the existence if not create one [[ -d $dir ]] || mkdir $dir #download respective file from dictionary dot com # -q => do it quietly ie nothing @ screen # -O save it as mean wget -q -O $dir/mean wget http://dictionary.

Installing Minix 3 using VirtualBox in Linux

This article will help you in setting up Minix 3 using VirtualBox on a Linux Host for development and enabling ssh connection between Minix and host Linux machine. But why, but why?? Minix is a micro kernel, unlike Linux which is monolithic Minix is a operating system which is Reliable. Being a micro kernel good sepration around the Kernel Space and User Space, Minix Kernel is only 6000 lines of code compared to millions of lines of code in Linux Kernel.

Useful bashrc functions

I’m going to share some of my bashrc functions which saves me a lot of time. Killer This function helps you find a process using a keyword and to kill it, you don’t have to use ps aux along with grep and then kill the process by entering the pid instead use this function give it a keyword and it will help you in killing a process. killer() { echo "I'm going to kill these process"; ps -ef | grep $1 | grep -v grep echo "Can I ?